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November 27, 2015
Security Camera System: Home

I bought my first Lorex product a year ago and as many other reviews state, I plugged it in and it just worked. I liked it so much I bought two more this year, as Christmas gifts for my family. Both units are having false motion detection issues. I have now experienced what this company tries to call customer service and am seriously disappointed. After two 20 minute long attempts to get them on the phone, with no success, I have their spiel about everything their warranty does NOT cover memorized. I then submitted a ticket, with a detailed explanation of the problem, through their web site. Three days later I get a "Form Letter" response, saying "do this, do that, yadda-yadda and if that doesn't work, call us". I did, it doesn't and I called again. Another 20 minutes on hold and still can't reach a live body.

At this point I was so fed up I sent a hot reply to their email, complaining about how much of my (the customer) time they have already wasted and suggested that they call me. A short time later I got a call from someone. After some more "try this and try that" and him getting everything I said exactly backwards, he came to the conclusion that I need a replacement camera. He says he will email the RMA form. Great! I am getting somewhere.

The email shows up. Another form letter! I have to enter all the information I have already given them AND fax a copy of the receipt. They will not provide the free warranty service unless you first register the product at their site and provide all the information (something they remind you of over and over while you are on terminal hold) so they already have most, if not all, the information. In my case, I ordered directly from Lorex so they already have the proof of purchase. That doesn't matter though. I have to go through it all again. Ridiculous!

Source: www.lorextechnology.com
Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System
Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System
Wireless security camera system
Wireless security camera system
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