Top Rated home Security camera Systems

March 16, 2020
Top Rated Home Security Camera

Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Business Security Camera SystemsCredit:

Business Security Cameras Ultimate Buyers Guide

There is a major difference between price and cost. Buying a security system because it is the cheapest will cost you more in the long run. You get what you pay for. Example: You buy a basic 4 camera system from one of the large retailers for $300-400. This seems like a great bargain at the time but what is the long term cost? These systems have poor video quality. They will not provide you with adequate image resolution to identify criminals.

If you run into technical issues they refer you to the manufacturer. They will be in another country. Often it is difficult to communicate with the support person. We've seen this time and time again. Customers come to us after a bad experience buying from a big name retailer.

There are several companies that will sell you a cloud-connected security camera for $150-250. The resolution on these cameras is usually 720p or 1080p. Reviewers will paint them as top rated, easy solutions. They won't mention you end up paying between $10-20 a month for the cloud storage. You end up paying in $120-$240 a year for the “simplicity” of such a setup. With a dedicated CCTV security system you have all the footage stored on your DVR.

EZWatch does offer these basic security systems. However, only if the buyer understands the expected performance level. Our 4 Camera Complete Systems start at $449 for the Lookout Plus 4 Camera System. The cost is around $860 for our Guardian 4 Camera Complete System. This depends on the mix of EZBullets and EZDomes you choose. You can always specify whether you would like Bullet cameras or Dome cameras. Bullet cameras can work for indoor or outdoor use. Dome cameras are better for focused indoor use.

Larger systems such as a 12 Camera System of 16 Camera System, will cost between $1, 700-$2, 000 for an entry level system. A top-of-the-line system will cost $3, 500-$4, 500. Know your needs and what to look for to find the right security camera system for you.

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