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March 31, 2019
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Sensors & Accessories you can choose:

Knight Guard has embedded with a user-friend software system, it has advanced zone attributes (including bypass, zone type, sensor type, zone chime, smart sensor etc), you can config each of zones to meet your specific requirement. Moreover, the communication between wireless sensors and alarm panel is two-way supervised. Losing connection or battery running out, user will be notified instantly. Additionally, Knight Guard support smart home automation function, it can work with up to 8 wireless remote sockets. Lastly, Knight Guard supports RFID function, just swipe the RFID tag, you can easily activate/deactivate the Knight Guard system.

Knight Guard - Home Security KitsAudible alarm system

Knight Guard is an audible alarm system provides visible deterrent to opportunist thieves, when alarm is triggered, the system will make warning noise to scare off an intruder, while waking you up if you are at home or making your neighbors aware of a break-in. The alarm system has built-in 100dB siren, it also can connect with hardwired siren. For easy installation, the system works with up to 10 wireless indoor/outdoor strobe sirens.

GSM Dialler

Knight Guard uses GSM dialler to communicate. Users need to buy a SIM card to insert into the alarm panel. The system is able to call and send a text message to 5 phone numbers that you have programmed into it. Once an alarm occurs, the system will automatically dial phone call or send a text message. Users can deactivate the alarm system through entering a code and replying to the text message with a code, or even using smartphone application (App).

Burglary iconMonitored alarm system

Knight Guard alarm system also can be a monitored alarm system that communicates with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The system is compliant with ADEMCO Contact ID (CID) protocol for alarm transmission. CID protocol is the universal alarm protocol in alarm monitoring industry, you can easily find a monitoring security company runs the ARC, responding 24/7 to alarm signals. Additionally, we offer digital alarm receiver + free software that allows you to setup an ARC.

1# Install wireless alarm panel

Knight Guard is a do-it-yourself (DIY) wireless security system that is easy to install and use. Before the installation, you need to insert a valid GSM compliant SIM card which operates frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz. Choose a place near your primary entry door and close to a power source to install the alarm panel. Typically, you need to drill two holes, then screw two nails into the wall to install the alarm panel.

fire iconAbout alarm panel

The alarm panel is the brain of home security system. It not only communicates with all wireless security sensors and accessories, but also responds alarm signal with user-preset programming. User can use the alarm panel to activate and deactivate the system. If the panel is wireless system, ensuring the alarm panel has been installed within wireless signal scope.

2# Install wireless door/window sensor

Protecting doors and windows with Unifore sensors give you your first line of defense for break-ins. Particularly effective on your first flood doors and windows, you can rest easy knowing your vital access points are protected.

  • Put the battery into door/window sensor
  • Mount the transmitter (with battery inside) on the door frame, the magnet strip on the door
  • Make sure that the magnet is always on the right side of the transmitter
  • Make sure the gap distance between magnet strip and transmitter will not be more than 1cm
  • Attach the transmitter and magnet with double-sided tape or screws
  • Avoid placing the detector in area with large metallic structures or electrical installations such as boiler area or counters.

About Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor/Magnetic Contact/Entry-point Sensor is the most reliable intrusion detection device for perimeter protection. The sensor adopts reed switch working theory, it consists of wireless transmitter and magnetic strip two parts. When two parts separate maximum 1cm, the transmitter will send alarm signal to the panel.

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