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July 7, 2020
Life safety is an additional

I selected ADT Security for my personal home protection needs in April 2014. The need for a home alarm system was preceded by an incidence with a stalker. At the same time, I was not working as I was taking care of my dying mother while living alone. As such, I researched several different options for affordable “home security” and ultimately made the decision to use ADT to provide this service. My selection was based primarily on cost factors.

ADT offered a free system including 2 remotes and 15 points of entry for a $99 installation fee with a 36-month contract for monitoring services, and would provide a $100 Visa gift card. I was required to provide a credit card for payment of the $99 installation fee and initial months monitoring, in advance of the installation. I understood this was necessary prior to installation to confirm, schedule and install the equipment. It was also explained to me that this fee would be applied to my first months of monitoring service and the Visa gift card would offset the $99 installation fee.

4/9/14 My debit card charged $156.88 to schedule the installation. 4/9/14 Alarm was installed – no contract or paperwork was left by the installer except for an Impassa v1.1 User Manual and a blue and gold ADT Protect your home folder. During the installation, the installer tried to get me to upgrade the windows to “glass break” sensors and add motion detectors. I refused and explained that I only wanted the advertised alarm system, with the included 15 access points, as I was not in a financial position to even add the monthly alarm monitoring to my monthly budget. I would have added another keypad if I had the financial resources.

4/10/14 My previously used debit card was charged $60.20. 4/10/14 My previously used debit card was charged an additional $316.94. 5/9/14 – 12/9/15 My previously used debit card was charged $53.24 monthly. 1/9/16 previously used debit card was charged $57.28. I understand some time has passed since the original billing errors, however, for personal reasons, went unnoticed as the charges were “hidden” in my bank statement with debit card transactions. In going back to clean up 2014 following the passing of my mother, I have made resolving this matter with ADT a priority. I have contacted ADT several times over the past months and the matter remains outstanding.

1/12/16 – Called ADT, they had trouble accessing my account due to an incorrect phone number on my account. This probably explains why I never received any calls when my alarm activated in error, I corrected the information on file, this was my first contact with ADT since the installation occurred. ADT advised installation was handled by Defender and they would request to look at the charges in error. I also explained that I never received a copy of my contract, and it was emailed to me. In reviewing the contract, it included additional equipment charges, noting “see attached”, but there was no attachment. I knew this was an error because I refused to upgrade any included equipment or purchase anything optional. Expectation was set that I should hear back in 24-48 hours.

1/18/16 – Still had not received a call back or any information, called ADT and was transferred to Defender. The rep I spoke with said they had tried to reach me and had left a message however, I had no message. Defender advised me that since so much time had lapsed they could not correct the billing error, but would be sending me a $100 Visa gift card. This did not make me happy and I contacted ADT following the call with Defender. Spoke with Brandon, who was very understanding, read the notes on my account and advised me that he would report my case to Dealer Services. Expectation was set that I should hear back in 24-48 hours.

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