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May 19, 2016
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If you are going to get a security system for your home then you need to get a wireless infrared home security system. These are different from normal wireless home security systems in that normal cameras can't see very good in the dark. That is why you need infrared wireless cameras.
To understand why you need infrared you need to understand how a infrared camera works. Infrared cameras display an image using infrared radiation. An infrared camera has infrared illuminators around the outside of the lens of the camera. These infrared illuminators allow the camera to see images when there is no light at all. With just a little bit of light an infrared camera can produce an image that looks like daytime but in the dark.
Infrared cameras are sometimes confused with night vision cameras but they are not night vision cameras at all. Maybe you have seen a military movie where they are using night vision goggles, they usually view the dark in a green color. This is typically what night vision cameras are viewed in. Infrared cameras are usually viewed in black and white. Some cameras can actually see color during the day but automatically switch to black and white at night.
Also wireless infrared cameras don't use any wires so it can be placed inside and outside very easily, without being seen. Hiding a camera inside or outside so people do not know that it is there is an advantage over the perpetrator that you are trying to keep out of your house. You also don't need to run special wiring on the outside of your house when installing an wireless infrared camera.
These cameras are much better then cameras that can only see during the day. Really if you think about it you need a wireless infrared security system because you are protecting you and your family mainly at night. That is usually when break ins occur. At night time it is also hard to see who is at your door and who is lurking outside on the street under the cover of darkness.
Wireless infrared home security systems are very popular today because they can be used in very little lighting, as well as they are fairly inexpensive and can be used both inside and outside. If you are a homeowner and are looking into purchasing a security system for your home consider a wireless infrared camera to protect yourself from intruders as well as other emergencies.

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