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August 11, 2020
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Custom Security Systems has been part of the Baton Rouge community since 1977, Custom Security has many long-time employees in all of its on-site departments.

Security System Overview

Custom’s alarm systems are user friendly and can be controlled from key fob remotes to your laptop or smartphone. You can be in total control of your home’s security with the many high tech features Custom Security offers. From electric door locks, to glass break detectors, even to a pet immune motion detector, Custom Security has it all. Not only will you have layers of security monitoring your home, but you can also manage your homes energy and environmental functions as well.

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The Good

Custom Security Systems has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is an outstanding accomplishment and can give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a company with experience and accreditation. Custom Security Systems is the only security company in Baton Rouge that owns and operates its monitoring station. When you call Customs Security Systems, you are guaranteed never to get and answering machine. Unlike other security companies, Customs offers a year guarantee of the product or they will replace or buy back your equipment at full price. This puts little to no obligation on the customer whatsoever. In addition to many home security options, there are also separate business security systems to choose from. There are also testimonials of good service throughout the website.

The Bad

The only bad thing about this company is that there doesn’t seem to be any reported reviews other than the positive reviews that are on the website. This provides a somewhat biased point of view from customers since they are located on the company’s website. There is also no pricing information located on the website.

The Bottom Line

Custom Security Systems has a solid business foundation laid that can help ensure the best quality security service in the area. There are also so many cutting edge add ons and features that make this company stand out above the rest. With all of the guarantees and years of experience, it’s hard not to choose Custom Security Systems to secure your home in or around Baton Rouge, LA.

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