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November 10, 2020
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everywhere at once, but with the help of D-Link’s new mydlink Video Camera Recorder and Wi-Fi Cameras, you can see all the places that are important to you, all the time. These new D-Link technologies make an easy-to-install, simple-to-use DIY monitoring solution more affordable than ever, enabling you to keep an eye on what matters most, at home and at work.

The new mydlink Video Camera Recorder (DNR-202L) couples seamlessly with D-Link’s line of mydlink Wi-Fi Cameras to build a complete integrated home or small business surveillance system that anyone can assemble and run. Compared to complicated traditional monitoring systems, this DIY approach holds many advantages.

Not only is a D-Link home or small business surveillance system much more affordable than a third-party installation, but it relies on simple and familiar products, making the system easy to manage and effortless to customize. As a result, users pay less while enjoying even more complete control over their surveillance systems, freeing them from dependence on outside companies while protecting their privacy—a benefit no third-party vendor can deliver.

So how does a D-Link home or small business monitoring system work? At its core is the mydlink Video Camera Recorder (DNR-202L), which utilizes D-Link’s innovative mydlink cloud computing platform to serve as a wireless connectivity hub. Using the compact DNR-202L, you can record video from up to four cameras simultaneously, and watch one, two, or even all of the streams at once on any computer or mobile device. Free mobile apps and a user-friendly web portal make accessing your video streams and controlling your cameras extraordinarily easy, no matter where in the world you are. As long as you’ve got Internet, you’re in control.

The DNR-202L’s streamlined interface makes it simple to record manually or to program an individual audio or video recording schedule for each camera you sync to the device. Even more exciting are the mydlink Video Camera Recorder’s advanced motion-sensing capabilities, which enable you set the DNR-202L to automatically begin recording whenever a camera detects motion, so you’ll never miss any of the action. And there’s no need to worry about running out of storage space; the mydlink Video Camera Recorder features secure storage with 2 USB ports, allowing you to connect up to 8TB of external storage, making it effortless to safely store as much video as you’d like.


Equally important to your surveillance system are the cameras you choose to use. Fortunately, D-Link’s impressive array of Wi-Fi Cameras are both powerful and user-friendly, and they’re all designed to connect instantly to your mydlink Video Camera Recorder. Here are some examples which represent just a few of the features mydlink cameras have to offer:

  • The Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-933L) is a compact camera that records sharp, vivid video both in daylight and at night. Ideal for indoor use, the DCS-933L’s built-in W-Fi extender automatically strengthens your network while facilitating flexible placement.
  • TheDCS-2132L) is also designed for a wide range of light levels and delivers stunning 720p HD-quality video no matter the time of day. Enhanced PIR motion detection capabilities include automatic email alerts when movement is sensed.
  • TheDCS-5020L is D-Link’s most flexible camera yet, offering remote pan and tilt functionality, an impressive 66 degree horizontal field of view, and up to 4x digital zoom.

No matter the particular cameras you choose, set up is beyond easy. Simply plug in and fire up your DNR-202L. Then connect your Wi-Fi cameras to the same network as the DNR-202L and your recorder will automatically detect and configure them. There’s no need to run tricky wires between the recorder and your cameras, freeing you to place them wherever you’d like. As long as you’ve got a Wi-Fi signal, you’re covered.

This flexibility and ease of use makes a mydlink DIY surveillance system ideal for a huge range of home and small business applications. At home, you can arrange your cameras to serve as a low-cost and highly customizable security system. Train outdoor camera on the entrances to your home and indoor cameras on particularly sensitive spots to ensure that you have an unobstructed view and let would-be robbers know they won’t go unobserved.

The potential home uses of the mydlink Video Camera Recorder extend well beyond security systems, however. Worried to leave your children at home with a babysitter or concerned about thefts by employees in your home? A few strategic camera placements (and your employees’ permission) will give you the nanny cam of your dreams. Have younger children? D-Link’s pan/tilt and zoom cameras are like baby monitors for the twenty-first century, with motion sensors ready to capture your child’s every important moment, even when you’re not in the room—or the country.

Small businesses also stand to benefit from D-Link’s DIY approach. Shop owners and others involved in customer-facing enterprises can build perfectly customizable security systems, keeping video records of whatever transactions you’d like and involving multiple unobtrusive cameras for maximum range and visibility. Companies with sensitive data or other security risks can add additional layers of security, as well, monitoring who enters sensitive areas or utilizing motion sensors to know immediately when a barrier has been breached. The flexibility of the mydlink web and app-based interface means that even when you’re traveling, you can have secure access to a real-time panorama view of the office, contributing to security, productivity, and peace of mind.

As these many and varied uses illustrate, a mydlink-based surveillance system is as versatile as it is powerful, and as affordable as it is easy to use. By adding the mydlink Camera Video Recorder (DNR-202L) to your surveillance solution, you can make your home or office more secure while keeping yourself firmly in the driver seat—and all for less money and effort than you ever thought possible. Start seeing it all—check out what mydlink can do for your peace of mind today.

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