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March 9, 2020
As video surveillance

SystemGEConcordSafeTouch provides home security cameras and monitoring services in Jacksonville, FL for a variety of camera types including systems using the latest in security technology. And while video surveillance is not a new phenomenon, improved technology has made home security cameras able to capture higher quality images in a variety of settings.

If you are unsure which system is the right type of security camera for your home, here is an overview of the major types of cameras to help you get a better idea which would be your ideal choice.

Traditional Home Security Cameras

This type of home security camera is the least expensive to add to or include in your home security system.

  • Most traditional cameras capture images in color and provide a good quality image.
  • This type of camera must be hard wired into your home security system and has a limited vantage point.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are the most widely used security camera, both for residences and office spaces.

  • These are a good choice for many home security systems as they capture a wider vantage point in higher resolution than traditional home security cameras and are available in smaller sizes for a subtler, more covert appearance.
  • The protective dome allows dome cameras to be used both inside and outdoors, and these cameras can be mounted on the ceiling or using a bracket, on the wall.

IR (Infrared) Security Cameras

Infrared cameras are able to capture good-quality images in little or no light, making them a very useful tool for monitoring one’s home at night. However, there are some disadvantages to these cameras:

  • IR home security cameras only capture images in black and white, making it more difficult to identify people from the camera’s image.
  • Due to the advanced technology in this type of camera, they are generally more expensive than the other options.

IP Home Security Cameras

IP home security cameras are able to transmit data wirelessly, which is ideal for remote monitoring. These cameras can be expensive for high quality footage, but offer optimal versatility for your home security system.

  • IP home security cameras come in both indoor and outdoor versions.
  • Wireless monitoring means that the camera footage can be viewed from across the house or across the globe.
Call SafeTouch today for all of your home security needs!

There are many options available when considering a home security camera. If you are considering a home security camera, consult the Jacksonville home security professionals at SafeTouch for sound advice from a trusted source.

Source: www.safetouch.com
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