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March 10, 2019
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What is Scout?

We’ve reviewed and tested a lot of crowd-funded home security devices over the couple years. (In fact, if you want to checkout my hands-on Scout review that is found here.)

There is a clear demand for DIY home security systems and the hardware to meet that demand isn’t far behind. Scout is one of the options now shipping post a successful campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. They offer hardware that users can install on their own and self-monitor via a browser or even via an iPhone/Android/Apple Watch friendly app. From a home automation perspective they offer integrated Zigbee, an IFTTT channel, Amazon Echo, and they are part of the Works with Nest program. Scout Alarm offers the same equipment you would get from any major home security player = a brain, a motion sensor, a door/window sensor, and a sign but the big difference is that they do not force equipment packages. You can pick any combination of equipment. Whatever you want. Once your equipment arrives you simply self install and connect via an interface that allows you to create rules and control your system.

How is Scout different?

Scout Window SensorSo far you may think Scout sounds a little bit like iSmartAlarm, Canary, or even Piper but each one is just a tad different. Scout is unique in two ways:

  • They offer professional monitoring for .99 per month
  • They have an IFTTT channel, Work with Nest, and Amazon Echo

Like iSmart and Piper, Scout has managed to fully understand the need for home security. They have designed an incredible looking product with most of the right components including motion sensors, window sensors, and signage. They are missing a home security camera, but an HD version is coming soon. (Release TBD.) All of Scout’s packages are available without contracts and you have the option of self-monitoring for free.

Does Scout Alarm Offer Home Automation?

Scout has decided to use Zigbee for home automation. They do not currently have a list of certified Zigbee devices, as they are still figuring out which subset of Zigbee devices will work with Scout. Even though they have the option, it seems like their focus is more on integrating with other products that work well versus creating new products.

In a note to backers, Scout announced their plans to launch three new products including the Scout Light Socket for light automation. However, they went quiet on the launch as they focused on IFTTT integration. The focus was a success as Scout now has its own IFTTT channel which allows Scout to connect with multiple other security and smart home devices. Post IFTTT channel launch, they also announced that Scout is now part of the “Works with Nest” program expanding further into home automation. Working with Nest also adds an additional layer of security as Scout can now work with both the Nest Thermostat and the Nest Protect smoke alarm.

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Source: www.securitygem.com
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