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September 15, 2019

How to know if your alarm is outdatedYard signs and stickers that say your home is protected by a security system can be the first line of defense against potential burglars. Generally, burglars look for homes with an easy in and out, and security systems don’t allow for that. If a security system isn’t in your budget you can still purchase yard signs and window decals that announce the presence of a system, without actually having one. But don’t think that just because you’ve placed security signs in your yard and stickers on the windows that your home is completely secure. Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of fake signage, and explore additional ways to secure your home.

Benefits and Risks of Using Fake Signage

The most obvious benefit of using yard signs and window decals instead of a security system is that it’s much cheaper. Purchasing yard signs and stickers with home security logos will only set you back about , and many of the most popular security brands’ logos can be purchased online. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to slap stickers on your doors and windows and stick a yard sign outside your house.

Rick of guard dog as home securitySeems like a great, inexpensive option, right? Maybe not. Consider the following risks before you test your luck with fake signage:

  • Fake security system signs may display brands that sound and/or look fake, or display no brand at all
  • Smart thieves can Google the company displayed on your fake signs and verify their authenticity
  • There are possible legal ramifications for unauthorized use of copyrighted material
  • No action is taken if your home is broken into

cellular backup for home securityAlternatives to Fake Signs

While most security experts recommend the use of a professionally installed security system, there are additional steps that homeowners can take to protect their property.

Home Security System

Not only does a legitimate home security system protect your home and loved ones against break-ins, it can also alert authorities to other emergencies, such as fires, flooding, or power outages.


The original security system, man’s best friend has been protecting his castle for centuries. A reliable deterrent, even small dogs can make enough noise to scare away a would-be burglar. Not only can having a dog be cheaper than a security system, it’s also good for your health! Studies show pet owners are far less likely to suffer from depression than individuals without pets. And having a dog on your property means you are more likely to have a fenced yard, which is another thief-deterring measure.


While it may be tempting to plant bushes or shrubs directly below windows for additional privacy, it also gives thieves additional places to hide out while casing or evaluating your home. Don’t set yourself up for failure—clear out any growth that may offer hiding places for thieves.

Motion-Detecting Outdoor Lights

Nothing makes burglars run faster than bright lights flooding the cover of darkness. If you have exterior doors or windows that are hidden from view of the street, consider installing motion sensor lights.

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