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March 30, 2020
Alarm Next™ - Is Brinks Home

Joe FarrelBrink’s Home Security has been discontinued. That’s right. The legendary Brink’s is no more. Customers were thrilled with the service they provided, which was secure and reliable. When Brink’s got taken over by ADT, former customers reportedly claimed they found it difficult to adjust to ADT’s ways and were unsatisfied with the customer service they provided. Still snooping around for a Brink’s system? Check US out. We’re Armorax!

At Armorax, we provide uncomplicated, hassle-free home security with extremely competitive and affordable pricing. We have the simplest system on the market: it is not DIY (Do it Yourself) but DFY (Done for You). The Blackbox requires no complicated setup or wiring. Our simple pricing structures, with no hidden costs or five-year mega contracts let you review the choices and make your own determination as to what is best for you. If you do not like it, there are no huge termination fees either. Armorax home security is simple, stress-free and provides more value for your dollar.

Ridiculously easy

Our control panel has no messy wiring or setup requirements. Everything is wireless and easy to install. The panel truly is plug and play. You will not need a multi-page list of instructions. Many competitors claim you can set their systems by yourself. However, when the user gets the equipment, he or she finds out that not only do they need to wire and install the components, but also must follow sometimes incomprehensible instructions for connecting devices.

Other competitors will not allow you to install the system yourself. You must make an appointment. Then you must ensure you are at home during a particular 3-4 hour time frame for the installation and pay up to $200 or more for the installation. Most home security providers will also charge you a connection fee on top of the installation cost.

Brinks Home Security Rates - Always Feel Secured
Brinks Home Security Rates - Always Feel Secured
Cost of brinks security
Cost of brinks security
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