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October 27, 2020
ADT Home Monitoring | ADT

Looking purely at home automation, ADT Pulse® is right at the top of the industry. The place where the standard ADT home security system falls short is the exact spot where ADT Pulse® excels. ADT Pulse® has every home automation feature available, including the ability to adjust the temperature remotely, control small appliances from other locations, and schedule certain automation, like having the lights turn on at a specific time. It's very clear that Pulse® is a much more high-tech option than the regular ADT system.

Well-Organized Online Portal:

On the ADT Pulse® Web portal, you can check out your home and monitor or manage your home security at any time. One neat feature is that you can view and send video or pictures to and from your house. Besides that, you can adjust just about anything in your home. It also helps that the navigation is clean and simple. There's a summary tab that shows a quick overview of everything in your home, and then you can dig deeper by looking at other tabs, like history, alerts, automations, and schedules.

Interactive Touch Screen:

With ADT Pulse®, you get to manage your home security with a touch-screen device that basically has access to anything you would need to control your home. The touch screen will allow you to send an emergency alarm, arm your system, view live camera feeds, control the lights, read the news, view photos, check out traffic, and much more. However, a touch screen isn't available with all plans, so you will have to check to make sure the plan you get is compatible if you want to use this device.

Stable And Recognizable Company:

By taking your business to ADT, you can rest assured that you're with a solid and stable company, which would hopefully translate to similar features in your home security system. ADT started as a telegraph company in 1874 and has been around ever since. ADT has the largest market share in the United States and continues to have a strong presence overseas as well.

Missing Some Key Sensors And Detectors:

ADT Pulse® doesn't include some key features in their plans that some might consider vital to home security. None of the home security plans have glass break sensors, which send a signal that a window has been broken. There are also no recessed door sensors, although you can get motion-detecting sensors with all packages. Lastly, ADT Pulse® also doesn't include any garage door tilt sensors, which many companies offer.

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